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Colors of Asia 2020
Entry Conditions for the Project Submission
Deadline for initial submissions:June 20, 2019 / midnight 24:00 Japan Time
Due to popular demand, the deadline for "Colors of Asia 2020" has been extended to 30 June, 2019.

Entry Conditions

1.Scope of Entries
Proposals should be new documentary projects for international co-production.
Entries consisting of completed films or the sale of format rights will not be accepted.
2.Theme for 2020
"Rising to the Challenge"

Colors of Asia focuses on a set theme every year.
The theme of Colors of Asia 2020 will be "Rising to the Challenge"

What kind of entries is Tokyo Docs looking for?

For Colors of Asia, we are looking for humanistic stories featuring "Rising to the Challenge".

Colors of Asia documentaries are not social exposés or reportage on problems in specific regions of the world. However, this does not exclude entries that reveal social problems faced by the subject country / region (context) in the course of telling humanistic stories featuring "Rising to the Challenge".

We prefer documentaries composed using active scenes rather than those which rely heavily on interview footage.
One way to make an entry more accessible may be to pay close attention to a "location" most suitable for depicting the theme and developing the story within that place.
This documentary series should reflect the diverse world of Asia today. In the shadows of the prosperity of modern-day Asia, there are a wide variety of realities: disparities between the rich and the poor, poverty in education, the loss of identity, generation gaps, etc. We are looking for stories about individual or group or whoever is trying to challenge.

Duration: 25min. (50min. is also possible depending on its content)
Only production companies and individuals who have prior experience of producing television documentaries are eligible to enter. Proposals submitted by individuals should be accompanied by a list of past projects and a letter of recommendation from a broadcaster or television production company.

If broadcasters would apply, as a general rule, it should be in collaboration with a production company.

Producers should also be resident in an Asian country and submit proposals related to an Asian country.

No more than two projects may be entered per filmmaker.
4.Application Method
Please fill out the application form here and send with the required photographic data.

Applications by email or post will not be accepted.

Entries exceeding the word count in each part of the on-line form or lacking the necessary information and data will also not be accepted.
Project proposals will be chosen by the Selection Committee, which is made up of members of the Tokyo Docs Organizing Committee. Parties whose submissions are successful will be notified from September 18, 2019 onwards.

The number of projects selected is around 8.

Selected filmmakers will be required to participate in the Colors of Asia pitching session, held during Tokyo Docs 2019(from November 4to November 7, 2019).

In addition to the result of the pitching session, the final projects will be selected through individual interviews and talks with the Selection Committee.
6.Selection Criteria
The most important criterion is "a high-quality documentary that deserves international distribution". Selectors will also consider whether the documentary is "a project appropriate for realization through joint international production".

Please bear in mind the Colors of Asia keywords: fresh, unknown and unique.
7.Submission Fee
There is no charge for registration and initial project submission.
8.Contact details
"Colors of Asia" Steering Committee at Tokyo Docs Office
E-Mail: info@tokyodocs.jp
Tel: +81 (0)3-6205-7858
Official website