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Event Summary

Tokyo Docs is Japan's international documentary event which support co-productions of documentary. It started in 2011 with the support of Japanese TV broadcasters, governmental organizations, and other such entities.

Around 30 guests from Europe, North America and Asia are invited to Tokyo Docs, including decision makers from broadcasters and distribution companies. Over the four days, there are events to pitch projects to these guests, networking events between filmmakers, and various workshops on international co-production.

On the first day, an event called Asia Day will focus on networking between Japanese filmmakers and their counterparts in other part of Asian, with the aim of developing international co-productions.

Asia Day (November 5)

The purpose of Asia Day is to deepen ties between filmmakers in Japan and Asia to promote co-productions of documentaries and increase the volume and quality of documentaries being produced in Japan and the rest of Asia for audiences around the world. We plan to screen the second series of Colors of Asia, four-episodes co-produced by Japanese and Asian production companies which will be completed this summer. We also intend to hold a public meeting to receive proposals for a further series to be completed in 2017. Anyone with an entry pass is welcome to attend.

Pitching Session (November 6/7)

Filmmakers aiming to enter into international co-productions will have the opportunity to pitch proposals to overseas and Japanese decision-makers (people with the authority to commission documentaries) and representatives of film distribution companies. Each filmmaker will have the chance to show a short trailer before explaining the details of the project and taking part in a question-and-answer session with the decision-makers and other parties. Filmmakers will be asked to submit their proposals in advance and those that pass a preliminary screening will be invited to make a pitch. Anyone who has an entry pass is welcome to view the pitching session.

One-on one Meetings (November 6/7)

This is an opportunity for filmmakers to speak one-on-one with decision-makers and distribution companies about their proposals, giving them a chance to provide additional explanations that they didn't have time for during their pitch, while also receiving advice about how to turn their proposal into a reality.
This event, which is principally for those who present a pitch or whose proposal is included in the event catalogue, will be arranged in advance by the Tokyo Docs office following consultations with guests and documentary filmmakers.

Workshops (November 6, 7, 8)

These workshops will welcome overseas decision-makers, documentary festival organisers, etc., who will be asked to address various themes related to international co-productions and documentary film distribution.