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Tokyo Docs 2015 Now Accepting Entries

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Deadline for initial submissions: July 31, 2015 (Friday)


Tokyo Docs is now in its fifth year since its launch as a forum for introducing high-quality documentary films to audiences around the world. The event’s reputation among filmmakers in Japan and overseas is growing, and the quality of its submitted proposals is becoming increasingly recognized.

Tokyo Docs 2015 is now seeking proposals for projects that can meet the event's high standards.

Tokyo Docs is looking for proposals on a wide range of different topics including the many issues currently affecting Japan and the wider international community, the diverse lifestyles of various people, and the broad appeal of Japanese and Asian society and culture.

From this year, Tokyo Docs is also reaching out to producers across Asia, in the hope that we will provide an opportunity for exceptional ideas from Japan and other Asian countries to come together. This is in line with our mission to position Japan as the Asian hub for joint international documentary productions.

Initial entry this year is free. Submissions passing the initial selection process and inclusion in the catalogue, however, will incur a registration fee.

We look forward to hearing from creative and ambitious producers, who want to win wider international audiences for films produced in conjunction with broadcasters, production companies and distributors.

Tokyo Docs 2015 Event Summary

Date and time
October 25 (Sunday)-October 28 (Wednesday) , 2015
Chiyoda Hoso Kaikan (Chiyoda Media Plaza)
1-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0094, Japan
Hosted by
Tokyo TV Forum (TTVF)
Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies (ATP)

Entry Conditions

Scope of Entries

New documentaries for international co-production should be proposed.

As a basic rule, projects should be proposed at the planning stage, but it is also possible to propose re-making existing documentaries by adding new material, or redeveloping films which have already been broadcast domestically in the producer's own country.

Entries consisting of completed films or the sale of format rights will not be accepted.


Entries for one-off films and series’ on any valid topic are accepted, including current affairs, social issues, history, natural science and travel.

Travel films for the purpose of tourism promotion will not be accepted.


Only film production companies and individuals who have prior experience of producing television documentaries are eligible to enter. Proposals submitted by individuals should be accompanied by a list of past projects and a letter of recommendation from a broadcaster or television production company.

Broadcasting companies should, as a general rule, apply in collaboration with a production company.

Producers should also be resident in Japan or another Asian country and submit proposals related to Japan or another Asian country.

No more than two projects may be entered per filmmaker.

Application Method

Please fill out the application form here and send with the required photographic data.

Applications by email or post will not be accepted.

Entries exceeding the word count in each part of the on-line form or lacking the necessary information and data will also not be accepted.

If you would like to submit your project for the TV series Colors of Asia 2016, please visit our Colors of Asia 2016 Now Accepting Entries webpage and fill out the Colors of Asia project submission form and send with the required photographic data.


Project proposals will be chosen by the Selection Committee, which is made up of members of the Tokyo Docs Organizing Committee. Parties whose submissions are successful will be notified at the end of August.

The number of projects selected is listed below:

Projects for the Central Pitch:
Around 20
Projects for the Roundtable Pitch:
Around 5
Projects included in the catalogue other than the above:
Around 10

Pitching Categories

The Central Pitch
Each producer is given 15 minutes to make their pitch. The first seven or eight minutes will consist of a presentation made to all the overseas and Japanese decision-makers. The remaining time will be a question and answer session. During the pitch, a trailer of the project (approx. 3 min. duration) must be shown. The trailer should be produced at the producer's own expense. The Central Pitch will be conducted in either Japanese or English only.
Japanese-English interpreters will be available.
The Roundtable Pitch
From this year, we have added the Roundtable Pitch, an intermediate format between the Central Pitch and the one-on-one meetings.
In the Roundtable Pitch, producers will only pitch decision makers who have expressed an advance interest in their project, creating a smaller-scale event that allows an open exchange of opinions. Pitches will last for seven or eight minutes, followed by a question-and-answer session, which will last for 15 to 20 minutes.
Japanese-English interpreters will be available.

Selection Criteria

The most important criterion is "a high-quality documentary that deserves international distribution". Selectors will also consider whether the documentary is "a project appropriate for realization through joint international production". The Selection Committee will make their choices after conferring with overseas producers.

Pitch Training

On October 23 (Friday) and October 24 (Saturday), entrants will be given the opportunity to practice pitching in advance in the same format as the Central Pitch or Roundtable Pitch events. Tips and advice will be provided by producers and guests from overseas.

Overseas Decision-Makers

Tokyo Docs 2015 will invite around 30 decision-makers from Europe, North America and Asia. These will include commissioning editors with responsibility for green lighting projects, producers working for foundations investing in documentary production, and international documentary distributors.

Registration Fees

There is no charge for the initial project submission.

If a project is selected, however, registration fees must be paid.

Project selected for the Central Pitch:
30,000 Japanese yen
Project selected for the Roundtable Pitch:
30,000 Japanese yen
Project not chosen for pitching but included in the catalogue:
20,000 Japanese yen

Registration fees include the fee for inclusion in the Tokyo Docs 2015 Japanese and English catalogue as well as entry for one person for all of the programs included in the event.

Entries in all categories (including projects not chosen for pitching but included in the catalogue), can take part in the one-on-one meetings with the decision makers.

If an entry is chosen for Tokyo Docs 2015, an invoice will be sent after confirming the entrant's intention to participate. If fees are not paid by the designated date, then the entrant will be deemed to have forfeited their right to participate in pitching and/or having their project included in the catalogue.

The above entry conditions may be changed at the discretion of Tokyo Docs.

Contact details

Tokyo Docs Office

We look forward to hearing from you!

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