Katell BOST, カテル・ボスト

Katell.BOSTpictureKatell Bost, Sales Manager of Sunnyside of the Doc and Asian Side of the Doc since 2010. She oversees Producers and Projects’ selection, as well as Coordination for Asian territories.Sunny Side of the Doc, Europe’s leading international factual and documentary market, brings together each year broadcasters, distributors, filmmakers and producers from around the world.

Alongside Sunny Side, two other international events – Asian Side of the Doc and Latin Side of the Doc have been created to further develop your network, travelling to cities across Asia and Latin America.

In 2014, Sunny Side of the Doc will celebrate its 25th anniversary from June 23rd to 26th and Asian side of the Doc will see its 5th edition held in mainland China in Chengdu, from March 18th to March 21st.

フランスで開催されている国際ドキュメンタリーイベントであるSunny Side of the Docのセールス・マネージャー。Sunny Side of the Docは2010年からアジアで、Asian Side of the Docを開催している。2014年3月には四川省成都(中国)での開催を計画していて、このイベントにはTokyo Docs2013の優秀企画が参加する予定。