Ming SHANG 商明 ミン・シャン

Ming SHANG 商明 ミン・シャン / China

mikeBorn in Beijing, Ming Shang spent 14 years in television industry. He worked in numerous domestic and overseas TV stations and film companies. Among them were France24, CCTV, Dragon Television and The Travel Channel. He produces various types of programs, such as news report, microfilms, short documentaries and biographical films. His work include CHILDREN VILLAGE, HUAI RIVER’S PULLUTION and MAO’S DOUBLE.

北京出身。テレビ放送業界で 14 年の経験を積み、France24、中国中央電視台など数多くのテレビ局や映画会社に勤務。報道、短編ドキュメンタリー、伝記といった多種類の番組を制作。代表作は「CHILDREN VILLAGE」「HUAI RIVER’S POLLUTION」「MAO’S DOUBLE」など。