Yoshihiro OTO 音 好宏

WS000003Professor, Department of Journalism, Sophia University
上智大学文学部新聞学科 教授

Professor at the Department of Journalism, Faculty of Literature, Sophia University. Born in
Sapporo in 1961. Obtained his doctorate degree from Sophia University in 1990. After working for the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan, joined Sophia University in 1994 as lecturer at the Department of Journalism, Faculty of Literature, then served as associate professor at the same department. He also worked as visiting researcher at Columbia University before taking up the current position in 2007. Worked as a researcher at the General Affairs Research Bureau of the House of Representatives. He specializes in subjects such as media and information society. His works include “Modern Development of Broadcasting Media” (New Media).

上智大学文学部新聞学科教授。1961 年、札幌生まれ。1990 年上智大学大学院博士課程修了。日本民間放送連盟研究所を経て、1994 年上智大学文学部新聞学科講師、同助教授、コロンビア大学客員研究員、などを経て、2007 年より現職。衆議院総務調査局調査員を務める。専門は、メディア論、情報社会論。著書に「放送メディアの現代的展開」(ニューメディア)など。