Yoko MIURA 三浦 庸子

WS000011Executive Producer, Visual Folklore Inc.
株式会社ヴィジュアルフォークロア 取締役/プロデューサー

Since 1981, Miura has been producing folksy documentaries on the nature and climate of Japan and Asia as well as the people who live there. Miura has also worked on filming “Shugen: The Autumn Peak of Haguro Shugendo,” “Hayama, Mountains of the Spirits,” and “THE DRIFTER?Seigetsu, the Haiku Poet of Ina” and other movies. She is in charge of One-on-one meetings at Tokyo Docs.

1981 年から日本とアジア諸国で、自然と風土、そこに生きる人々の民俗的ドキュメンタリーを制作。東北の山岳信仰「修験 羽黒山秋の峰」や「精霊の山ハヤマ」、放浪の俳人「ほかいびと 伊那の井月」他の映画制作も手掛ける。東京ドックスでは個別ミーティングを担当。