Yukihiko AMAGI 天城 靱彦

WS000000Chairperson, Tokyo TV Forum (NPO)
NPO 法人東京TVフォーラム 理事長

Yukihiko Amagi spent more than 30 years at NHK as a documentary producer, where he produced many quality documentaries that received international recognition. In his later years at NHK he was responsible for the documentary slot called NHK Special. He spent another 10 years at one of the NHK’s group companies as a distributor of NHK’s documentaries. Since 2011, he has been responsible for the management of Tokyo Docs.

NHK で 30 年以上にわたりドキュメンタリーを中心に番組制作にあたり、国際的評価の高いドキュメンタリーを多数制作。その後「NHK スペシャル」の責任者を務める。NHK 退職後は関連会社で NHK 番組の海外販売を統括し、2011 年以降、東京 TV フォーラムの運営にあたる。