Dong-yoon KIM キム・ドンヨン

17_Kim Dong Yoon_photo picSenior Producer, KBS
韓国KBS シニア・プロデューサー

Kim Dong-Yoon started his career as a producer in year of 1991 and has been working on TV Documentaries regarding Social and International matters as well as human and ecological documentaries. Later then, He got into programming department where he became aware of the importance of appropriate programming for the audience in many respects. Dong-Yoon is currently in charge of KBS 1 TV programming department as a Senior Producer. He has received Best Program Awards internally at KBS.
1991年にプロデューサーとしての道を歩み始める。人間や環境だけではなく、社会問題や国際問題についてのドキュメンタリー番組を制作。番組制作局に配属されてからは、適切な番組制作の重要性を意識しだした。現在はKBS 1TV、番組制作局のシニア・プロデューサー。制作した番組はKBS局内で高評価を受けた。