Shun MING LOO シュン・ミン・ロー

37_Shun Ming Loo_photoProducer & Editor, Image Farm Productions Sdn Bhd
Image Farm Productions Sdn Bhd プロデューサー&エディター

Shun Ming and two partners established Image Farm Productions in 2003 serving international multinational corporations, and involved in documentary filmmaking since 2009.
Image Farm has won numerous documentary awards, which include Best Director Award, Best Overall Documentary Award, Best History Documentary Award and Special Jury Award. Besides that, Image Farm has also produced the best rating documentary on National Geographic Asia channel in Malaysia in 2011. In 2013, Image Farm involved in co-production programme with Cosmo Space, Japan.
2人のパートナーとImage Farm Productionsを設立。2009年よりドキュメンタリー制作に携わる。Image Farmはドキュメンタリー分野で多くの受賞作を制作。ナショナルジオグラフィックチャンネルから高評価を得たほか、2013年には日本のコスモ・スペースと番組を共同制作した。