Kim MIN-CHUL キム・ミンチュル

22_KIM Minchul_photoThe owner and the founder, Minch&Films
制作会社 Minch&Films 代表

A true story based production company Minch & Films’ founder, Min-Chul Kim is a former literary agent, a nightclub manager and currently a filmmaker who produced several award-winning documentaries such as Iron Crows (2009), Planet of Snail (2011), Captain Kang (2012) and 9 Muses of Star Empire (2012). He strives to live a sustainable life as a filmmaker with time to water his plants in the morning.
著作権エージェントやナイトクラブのマネージャーを経て制作会社Minch & Filmsを創立。数々の実話ドキュメンタリーを制作し、賞に輝いている。毎朝植物に水をあげるくらい余裕のあるフィルムメーカーであり続けることが目標。