Ralf QUIBELDEY ラルフ・キベルデイ

Ralf QuibeldeySenior Commissioning Editor, Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)
ドイツ公共放送NDR チーフ・コミッショニング・エディター

Ralf Quibeldey has been a television professional for 20 years. He worked as a writer and director of numerous documentaries for the nationwide ARD and North German NDR television network. He was head of entertainment at NDR and executive producer of the world’s biggest entertainment show, the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. Quibeldey is now responsible for wildlife, adventure, travel and outdoor programs. He commissions bluechip wildlife films as well as people and place documentaries from all corners of the world as long as the stories are exciting, original, authentic, and take place in fascinating regions.