CHAU, Nha-Uyen

Nha-Uyen CHAU

Director & Founder, Looking Glass International

豪・配給会社  Looking Glass International 創設者&部長

Nha-Uyen Chau is the Director and founder of Looking Glass International. Prior to setting up LGI, Nha-Uyen was Sales Executive for Asia and Pacific Rim with Dutch company Off the Fence. With 10 years experience in international distribution, Nha-Uyen has worked with most of the leading broadcasters worldwide including National Geographic, ARTE, NHK, Discovery, AETN and Animal Planet, just to name a few. In addition, Nha-Uyen has worked with talented producers and filmmakers from across the globe via sales for finished documentaries and seeking finance thru co-productions and pre-sales.

Looking Glass International の創設者であり部長。会社創設以前はオランダの制作会社、Off the Fence のアジ ア&パシフィック地域セールス・エグゼクティブを務めた。外国への配給業務を行った10年間に、National Geographic、ARTE、NHK、Discovery、AETN、Animal Planet などに代表される、各国の主要放送局とのつ ながりを確立。完成ドキュメンタリー作品のセールスや、共同制作のためのプリセールスなどによる資金収集を通じ、各国 の才能あるプロデューサーやフィルムメーカーとも交流を深めた。

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