Tokyo TV Forum 2012 a Big Leap to the Next Step

Tokyo, December 13, 2012 – Japan’s first pitching event, the Tokyo TV Forum (TTVF), was held for the first time last year to great success. The TTVF was held again this year from December 10 to December 12 and once again ended very successfully. The three-day event was packed with pitching sessions, panel discussions, workshops and one-on-one meetings as well as screening sessions to introduce outstanding international co-productions. On the final day, one program was given the Best Pitch Award and five others were singled out as Outstanding Pitches.

TTVF2012 was held to seek out opportunities for globally deploying projects by talented Japanese documentary producers. It was hosted by the Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies (ATP) and supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, NHK and other leading Japanese media organizations. This year’s TTVF was the second consecutive event following last year’s inaugural event.

Yukihiko Amagi, Director of the TTVF, emphasized the event’s valuable role in his opening speech: “The TTVF achieved great results last year partly because of the keen interest from around the world on how Japan was recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, this year, Japanese producers will be tested on the true value of how and what will be communicated once again.”

In the pitching sessions, twenty-six projects including two projects from Korea and Taiwan were presented, and among them, one was awarded the Best Pitch Award and five were commended as Outstanding Pitches. The Best Pitch Award went to Atsushi Kasezawa’s, “A Step Forward” which follows one pastor who employs a unique approach of living together with those people contemplating suicide.  The Outstanding Pitches went to the following projects: “Discovery of Hidden Ukiyo-e Art,” “Election in the World’s Largest Slum,” “Shellinguel—A Man Who Speaks with Shells,” “Far From Fukushima—Building the Temporary Town,” and “3-Star Sushi: Chef Araki’s London Challenge.”

“A Step Forward,” “Discovery of Hidden Ukiyo-e Art,” and “Election in the World’s Largest Slum” will also be featured at the Asian Side of the Doc event next March in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of a partnership between the Asian Side of the Doc and TTVF.

Comments from commissioning editors in TTVF are as follows. Ann Julienne (France Television) who participated in the TTVF for the first time remarked, “I enjoyed it very much. It is important to have the initiative like this which gives Japanese filmmakers a chance to realize good projects and to make a giant leap to the world.” Nick Fraser (BBC) participated in the TTVF for the second time this year commented, “We saw a wide variety of projects. We should continue this initiative through which we get to know how the Japanese filmmakers see the world, while the Japanese filmmakers also get to know what the world thinks of them.”

Yukihiko Amagi stated, “It was really nice that many wonderful projects were so well received. I hope Japanese producers confidently think about taking their work overseas. However, there are in fact many difficulties to overcome in an international co-production. Therefore, we will provide as much support as possible, but as our resources are limited, we will work on building a united public-private support system. “



Vice President, PBS Distribution

米・PBS Distribution バイス・プレジデント

Koch is Vice President of PBS Distribution (PBSd), the global co-production, acquisition and distribution company jointly owned by PBS and WGBH-Boston. PBS Distribution seeks out and manages co-production partnerships with producers and broadcasters and directs the sale of PBS, WGBH programs and programs of independent producers to media companies globally. Koch’s primary role is to oversee all international activities of PBSd.

PBSとWGBH-Boston が共同所有する共同制作、M&A、配給会社であるPBS Distribution (PBSd) の副社長。 同社はプロデューサーや放送局との共同制作及びPBS、WGBH、各国のインディペンデント系プロデューサーが制作す る番組の販売業務を行っている。PBSd はFrontline、Nova、American Experience、This Old House、New Yankee Workshop など評価の高いテレビシリーズなどを扱っている。

Other Guests

CHOI, Chul Ho

CHOI, Chul Ho

Executive Director of Program Commisioning Department, KBS

チェ・チョルホ 崔 鐵浩
韓国放送公社 エグゼクティブ・ディレクター

He joined Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in 1990. He directed programs “KBS Special,” “In depth 60 minutes,” “Live World Today” etc. in Documentary Department. He served as Executive Director of Policy Planning & Budget from 2010 to 2011 September and he has been serving as Executive Director of Program Commissioning Department since 2011 September until now.


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CEO and co-founder, CNEX Foundation

ベン・シアン 蔣 顯斌
ドキュメンタリー支援団体CNEX  代表

Ben Tsiang is the CEO and co-founder of CNEX Foundation Limited. Established in 2007, CNEX is a social enterprise for innovative documentary making and promotion in Chinese society. TSIANG has produced about 30 documentaries. CNEX runs film festivals, nation-wide campus tour, and an online doc media in Greater China region.

CNEX Foundation LimitedのCEO兼共同設立者。同社は、中国社会における革新的なドキュメンタリー制作・推進のため2007年に設立され、映画祭、全国のキャンパスツアー、大中華圏におけるオンラインdocメディアを主催。 Tsiang氏は約30のドキュメンタリーを制作している。

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Head of the Industry Office, IDFA


Adriek started specializing in documentary during her studies and got involved in the first edition of IDFA. From February 2007, she is Head of the Industry office and her main occupation is the general policy of the FORUM as well as managing the FORUM staff and executing specific networking task.

在学中にドキュメンタリーを専門に学び、第1回目のIDFA※開催に関わった。 2007年2月から、ピッチング・セッションなどのドキュメンタリーの制作を支援する部門の責任者。

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Executive Producer, LIC China
China / U.K.

スティーブン・サイ デンバーグ
中国LIC エグゼクティブ・プロデューサー

In 1985 he was part of the first Western documentary crew allowed to film in Inner Mongolia. Since then he has made or re-versioned over thirty documentary programmes in Asia. He is currently Head of International Co-production at LIC, China’s largest private producer of documentary films.

1985年に内モンゴルで初めて撮影を許可された欧米系ドキュメンタリーのクルーの一員。以来、アジアで30を超えるドキュメンタリー番組の制作・再編を手掛ける。現在は中国最大の民間 ドキュメンタリー制作会社LICの国際共同制作責任者。

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